Online Help Page (FAQ)

Welcome to our Online Help Page. Here you find the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and useful information for handling our web shop. By clicking on a below topic, the detailed description expands.

User account, shop handling, dealer prices

We recommend the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best display of the web shop. Of course, you can use another browser as well, but make sure to have the latest version of it in order to view everything correctly. If you have problems though, please contact us.

Little advice: Press the following keys on your keyboard at the same time: "STRG" and "F5", then your current browser window is refreshed. Now all elements should be displayed correctly.

It is very easy. Just use the button "Register" at the top of the page. You can also watch our video manual for more details.

You can click on "password reminder" below the login fields to get an e-mail with your password.

Yes, it is. But to follow-up on your request, please provide the following documents and information:
  • company registration documents (commercial registration and VAT-ID no. + registration form of authorities)
  • monthly quantity of spare parts per item (estimated)
  • contact persons, E-Mail-adress and phone number
  • invoice and delivery adress
Please note: Your retailer account will only be activated after verification of your company documents (these can be sent by email or fax). If activation was successful, you can buy items with discounted prices after login. For the most items we can offer scale prices. Please see the product detail page in the shop.

Orders, Backorders, Item-Upload

We suggest to take a look at our video manual below

Yes, you can add more items to your existing order as long as the order was not shipped yet.

  • put the extra items into your shopping cart
  • go to your shopping cart and click once again at the button "Make an order"
  • in next screen you will be asked if you want to combine these items with your last order or if you want to place a new order
  • remark: of course the delivery costs will be charged only one time

Yes, that function is available with CSV files. You can upload many items at once by using our CSV upload function. Attached you can find a demo screenshot. Below you can see the tutorial:
  • login to our webshop
  • click on shopping cart box ( shopping cart page )
  • click "Upload products" button
  • create your source data in the same style like shown on our Demo file (ID/QTY)
  • select and copy the columns from your csv file and paste it into our upload csv wizard (see screenshot)
  • click "upload"
  • in the next step you will see an overview of matching products (if you see errors then something went wrong, maybe you did not use our ID Numbers and/or the correct column headers)
  • click on "upload now" if you want to proceed, otherwise click "abort" button
  • after that you will see a small report about your uploaded products (with comments), and below you can see your normal shopping cart view / backorder list. Including your fresh uploaded items ....

Click on the button "Orders" in the menu bar. Here you can see all your orders incl. information about order status, total amount, open payments etc.

Important Note: If your last order was not shipped yet, you can still add more items! Just put new items in your cart, close and confirm. It will be added to your existing order.

You have the opportunity to download your invoices or credit notes as pdf files
Login to our website, click on the button "orders", and select the order. In this menu you can find the pdf files. (if they already exist)

Payment & Delivery

Payment via PayPal:

You can select "PayPal" during order process. After you confirmed your order, please click at the PayPal checkout button in our webshop, it will redirect you to the PayPal website.

Attention: Payments by PayPal are only admitted immediately when you use the PayPal checkout button in our webshop. If you send the payment manually from your PayPal account, please provide the transaction details by e-mail. We require the payment date and the sender e-mail adress in order to find and insert your payment to your order.
For users who wants to finish their PayPal payment at a later time because of server issues or other breaks, you can do it easily from your account.
Payment via bank transfer:
Transfer details:
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank PGK
Account Name: STELLATECH, Graziano Vallera
IBAN: DE32100700240586346900
BIC / Swift Code: DEUTDEDBBER (attention: some countries accept only 8 digit codes: DEUTDEDB)

(Please take care about eventual fees or charges. Incomplete payments can delay the shipping)
Payment via Klarna (SOFORT):

You can select "SOFORT" during order process. After you confirmed your order, please click the SOFORT checkout button in our webshop, it will redirect you to the Klarna website. Please note: This payment method is only availbale if you have an online banking account with PIN and TAN.

SOFORT payment is possible in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, France, Hungary,Slovakia, Czech Republic
Cash on delivery (* only for selected countries):
You can pay cash to your shipping courier when goods are delivered.

Delivery time inside Germany is 1-3 working days by parcel and 3-7 working days by letter. Fedex or UPS parcels inside Europe can take around 3-7 working days. Letters by German post can take up to 14 working days.

The costs depend on the country and total weight. You can see the exact shipping costs during order process. Of course you can also contact our service team by e-mail:

e-mail: info@stellatech.com

Usually that's not possible. For meetings and visitation please contact our service team.

Returns & Reclamations

You have the opportunity to start an online reclamation and return the products.
We will inspect your return shipment and of course we will send you a new replacement part.

  • Login to our website, click at the button "orders", and select the order. Below you can find the button "Report a reclamation"
  • Choose the product from drop down product list and write the error description and quantity inside the field "Annotations"
  • finally click at the button "Send". We will handle it and contact you as soon as possible.

Repair instructions

On our corporate blog REPEDIA we offer a selection of repair instructions (videos and written instructions). For the future, we plan to expand this selection.

You're welcome to make suggestions for repair instructions that we will produce in the future. We will try to realize your suggestions as soon as possible.
  • Use the form on our blog for that purpose.
  • Or make your suggestion via e-mail: blogredaktion@stellatech.com

We would be very satisfied with a little report about your personal repairing experiences, which you can easily write on our blog. This will maybe help other people relating to their own repairing.


We have a special button for that on the left menu bar and inside the search function. Called "Product proposition"
Take a look at our video manual below.

Please contact us. Our support team will help you.
Email: info@stellatech.com