Whatsapp regulations

You can also reach us via WhatsApp. Please note the following hints:

The use of WhatsApp to contact us is voluntary. Of course, you will still be able to reach us by mail, e-mail or telephone.

Please note that WhatsApp is a service of WhatsApp Inc. (service provider). Using WhatsApp is at your own risk and under the terms and conditions of the service provider that you accepted when you installed the WhatsApp software on your mobile phone. The availability of the WhatsApp service and its functionality are not within our sphere of influence and responsibility. This also applies to the way and extent of the use of your WhatsApp transmitted data by the service provider and the location where the service provider stores and processes such data. This location may also be outside the EU, so European data protection law may not apply.

Therefore, we strongly advise against using WhatsApp to transfer personal data, in particular, account and credit card information to us.