Who we are

The company STELLATECH was founded in 2005 in Berlin. The supply of spare parts for mobile phones was very low at the time. Repair shops and technicians had great difficulty finding suitable spare parts in the market. STELLATECH was founded to change that and made it their mission to create a customer-friendly platform.

2006: the company started with a clear assortment of 20 items. The range included for example LC-display for the T-Mobile SDA and other models of the group „PDS’s“. With that, STELLATECH hit the nerve of the time.

Between 2006 and 2007 the company collected first findings and increased its product range to up to 380 items.

At this time there was a flood of product information and questions according the compability of several models. There were many spongy and false information circulating on the Internet that you could not always rely on. That was another point STELLATECH wanted to improve.

At the end of 2008 STELLATECH was one of the first dealer on the market to manage the item by the original part number and creating customer-friendly product names. Since that time other dealers and repair shops use our website to get information about model compability and for identifying products. The product range has been expanded to more than 780 items.

2009: In order to meet the customers' varied product demands, the product range has been increased to up to +1500 items. Besides LCD screens, cover parts, and flex boards our poduct line-up also included a selection of small parts up to screws.

2010: More and more partners came to our network worldwide. STELLATECH started focussing on existing B2B customers. The product range increased to more than 2600 items.

2011: STELLATECH was one of the first dealers to introduce the business „tablet computer spare parts“. Farther we’ve made some design changes within our webshop. The product range included more than 4500 items.

2012-2014: we’ve optimized our shop functionalities, increased our storage capacity and our product line-up included more than 12.000 items.

2015-2016: STELLATECH expanded the selection with spare parts for smartwatches and increased the product range to more than 15.000 items.

August 2016: expanded selection with spare parts for virtual reality glasses (Samsung SM-R322 Gear VR)

2017: the product range increased to more than 18.000 items