Transport regulations for lithium-ion batteries

Since the 1. April 2016 we have stricter regulations for the transport of lithium-ion batteries in the EU. These batteries are permitted to transport by air route only in cargo planes (not in the cargo area of passenger planes) if they were send separated from the equipment. For this reason, many suppliers changed to a transport by ship, which is why the delivery time increased partly.
We try our best to calculate the demand on batteries for our webshop according to consumption and offer still a large selection of original batteries.

Disposal of batteries

On the one hand, batteries include useful, recyclable resources (like zinc, iron or manganese) and on the other hand a multiplicity of unhealthy heavy metal (like mercury or lead), which have to be disposed in a special way. For this reason, the dispose of batteries in the conventional household garbage is forbidden. Information about the right disposal of your batteries you will find within our category „Recycle & Disposal Management“.