If you have a look at our product line-up you get an impression of the wide product-range of Samsung as well as of the large demand for Samsung smartphones and also spare parts. We offer a wide range of Samsung spare parts for all current models and also for many older models. In our webshop, you can find e.g. batteries, camera-modules, screws, adhesive foils and much more for your Samsung-phone.

The number one on the android market

In the last five years, Samsung developed to one of the most successful smartphone-distributors and fights for being the number one against Apple regularly. In the field of Android, they are already the unchallenged number one.

The „s-series“ - guarantor of success

The most successful series of Samsung is the „g-series“ which started in 2010. All following models of this series convinced with new innovations and technical improvements. Besides this success, Samsung had to struggle also with some disasters, like the sales-stop of the „Galaxy Note 7“ (because of explosion risk of the battery). Nevertheless, the concern is one of the big players on the market and will surely still fight for the defense of its dominant position.