Currently, our product line-up includes spare parts for older Nokia-models, including the Lumia-series and also for the current Nokia models.

Once Nokia was the market leader in the field of mobile phones. But they held on old success too long and lost the connection to other competitors. The result was the sale of its mobile phone domain to Microsoft in 2014. But the chapter isn’t closed at all times. After Microsoft also failed with the distribution of Lumia, Nokia plans a new trial in the close future. In December 2016 the concern declared on its website that they will distribute new Nokia smartphones in 2017. According to the statement, they attach large importance on brand loyalty.

In February 2017 Nokia presented its new mobile phone models on the "Mobile World Congress". Besides three new smartphones (Nokia 3, Nokia 5 & Nokia 6), which are running on Android, Nokia relaunched one of its classic models: the Nokia 3310. Currently we provide spare parts for the following "new Nokia models": Nokia 3, 5, 6 & 8 and the new released Nokia 3310.