Microsoft has stopped its complete smartphone-distribution. Nevertheless, we offer many spare parts for the different Lumia models (for example battery cover in different colors, LCD screens, sim card reader and much more), which were distributed by Microsoft since the takeover of Nokia in 2014.

Microsoft escapes the smartphone market finally

In May 2016 Microsoft announced that they will stop the production of the Microsoft smartphone. Meanwhile, they also stopped the distribution of Lumia models. Thereby Microsoft took leave of the market finally. By its own account, Microsoft plans to focus on its other business domains for the present.

Microsoft took over Nokia

In 2014 Microsoft took over the business domains „mobile phone“ and „tablet pc“ of the weak Nokia-concern. Microsoft was hopeful to use the well-established brand „Lumia“ to compete with Apple and Samsung. But they failed. The smartphone was appointed with the own systems software Windows, which wasn’t able to compete with Android or iOS.