The so-called Xperia-smartphones have still a large demand on the market. So we offer a wide product line-up in this field. Here you will find many spare parts for Sony Xperia, like loudspeakers, charging connectors, batteries, cover, flex-cable and much more.

The Japanese concern Sony cooperated with the Swedish concern Ericsson in the field of mobile phone production between 2001 and 2011. After these ten years, Sony took over the business domain on its own. In 2008 Sony got started with the successful series „Xperia“. Since that time the concern distributes its smartphones under this brand. Especially in the field of multimedia the Xperia models reached large success and got a dominant position on the market. In 2016, Sony started the new Xperia x-series which is the follower of the z-series. Besides all success there is another clear tendency: it will be more and more difficult for Sony to confine from other competitors.