Original Phone Spare Parts for all popular brands and models

We are specialized on the distribution of original mobile phone spare parts! Here you can find spare parts for your mobile phone of all popular brands (e.g. Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony). Our product line-up includes many spare parts for different series and models like Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, Apple iPhone, Huawei Ascend and much more.

Our product line-up is sorted on the parameters „brand“ and „name of the model“. If you search for a spare part by factory number, please use our intern product search. At this place, it is also possible to search for a specific spare part (e.g. battery).

In our webshop, you can find e.g. LCD screens, batteries, flex-cables, cover and much more for the repairing of your mobile phone or smartphone. If you do not find the suitable spare part, please use our „product request“. We will struggle to supply the searched product as soon as possible.

Original spare parts – quality makes the difference

It seems to be very attractive to save money by buying cheap spare parts. But often times you can’t become lucky by using cheap replication spare parts. The result often doesn’t become the one you’ve expected.

On the other hand, spare parts with low quality could make the repairing difficult. You have to accept that there could be a variety of complications while assembling your mobile phone in context of a repairing with low quality spare parts. Those complications could be: LCD screen is sticking out at the frame, the display is creaking if you’re pushing against it, pixel issue or color issue on the screen and much more. Therefore we attach large importance to high-quality standards of our spare parts and offer primarily original phone spare parts.